EMANUEL completes its range of ergonomic positioners

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Emanuel is proud to announce the completion of its ST Ergonomic Positioners range by adding three new models to the already existing STR: the STS and STF.

The turnover in constant increase and the investments in new products, testify that customers appreciation in Emanuel and its commitment in offering a wider range of quality product.

Each one of the new models presents unique features, and it’s suitable for the most different applications.

Now Emanuel is able to offer a wide series of ergonomic positioners, which can be fully customized according to the client’s specific needs. Together with a long list of optional and accessories, positioners can be implemented with 4.0 industry software.

Each model has been studied in two different versions: standard and with self-learning.

You can find the complete ST ergonomic positioners series and download the leaflet at the following link:



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