Added Values


At EMANUEL we are able to customize our products in order to fulfill the requirements of our costumers. For this reason it has never failed to approach new lifting projects, looking for the best solution that could be the most accurate and compliant to the costumer necessities.

EMANUEL has been always devoted to costumer satisfaction. In order to satisfy their needs we are organized, able to plan and optimize new projects and deliver and install the equipment promptly.

Project Advice

Our long experience in lifting heavy equipment has had great results in the railway sector. Every project has become an interesting challenge and has followed a careful analysis of needs of each client, in order to deliver to very best solution.

Being able to adapt and personalize every equipment is the peculiarity of EMANUEL.


All columns are subjected to a series of tests under our testing machines, in order to verify the complete compliance with the structural calculations and the suitability at the overloads included in the EN 1493 (2010) directive.

We use a special two special machines manufactured by us. A computerized electronic control unit manages the data originated from a load cell which interfaces itself with a hydraulic control unit, equipped with special proportional valves and a pump with variable capacity. The maximum achievable capacity is higher than 100 metric tons. Those machine can hold any type of column, from the smallest ones for dimension and capacity, to the biggest ones.

All tests consider the following examinations:

  • DYNAMIC overload with the upper value of 15% respect of the nominal capacity of the column. The examination is done for the entire lifting stroke.
  • STATIC overload with the upper value of 50% respect of the nominal capacity of the column. The examination is done at the maximum height for a period not less than an hour.
  • Survey of column structural defections and possible permanent deformations.
  • Survey of emitted vibrations for the machine during the dynamic tests.
  • Absorption of electric current (Ampere) during the dynamic test, as mentioned above.
  • Functionalities of each safety system installed on the column: wear nut sensor, obstacle sensor, lifting sensor, safety electronic and strokes.If specifically required from the client, columns can be planned and tested with dynamic and static tests superior than those required from applicable directives.