About Us

Since more than 120 years, Emanuel is one the world leader company in the lifting equipment sector. We manufacture equipment for the lifting of heavy and light railway vehicles and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Furthermore, we manufacture ergonomic positioners for the welding and assembly sector.

We are able to customize all products with the most specific requests of our clients, also thanks to the large range of optionals offered.

The constant attention to the strict safety regulations and the commitment to simplify the maintenance of vehicles, strive EMANUEL to use always the best materials and latest technologies in order to offer a best quality product and high service. In the latest years EMANUEL has had a constant increase on sales volumes and became a strong supplier of the worlds biggest train manufacturers and public transportation.

All these qualities make EMANUEL the most reliable international supplier of lifting equipment’s.


  • To expand our global presence, thanks to the expansion and innovation of our products.
  • To increase our versatility of our production and the customization of our products, to better support the success of our customers all over the world.
  • To be a innovative company that always looks forward at new technologies, with respect to the environment.


Building high quality equipment means also to consider innovation as one of the most important driving forces in the company.

This principal has inspired EMANUEL to invest in the installation of the big solar panel system, that will make industrial work more sustainable and with less impact on the environment.

From July 2008, EMANUEL started using energy produced by 360 sq meters (3875 sq feet) of solar panels making the factory completely independent and zero impact. With this important incentive 60.000 kWh are on average generated, avoiding 30.000 kg (66.000 pounds) of CO2 to go into the atmosphere and 35kg (7 pounds) of NOx, one the most dangerous polluting agent.


Emanuel is certified:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

All EMANUEL welders are certified according to the EN ISO 15609-1. This certification guarantees high quality standards of every structure that is welded inside our workshops.