The SCM jacks are often analyzed and personalized of specific client requirements.
Our railways lifting jacks are available in different standard models depending on the lifting capacity, starting from 5 Ton to 50 Ton.
SCM series columns can be configured from 4 to 64 columns, with fixed or movable anvil.

In conformity with MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE and approved according to the European EN 1493.

Our electromechanical lifting system is composed by:

  • Motoreducer
  • Irreversable trapezoidal screw
  • Main nut
  • Safety nut
    • STANDARD – It is able to control up to 8 columns. The most practical and economical configuration.

    • EXPANDABLE – It is able to control up to 16 columns (8+8). Equipped with two control units, it comes with practicality of the Standard System while having the possibility to create two distinct lifting sets.

    • SERIAL – Capable of controlling up to 64 columns. The most complete and advanced, designed for maximum flexibility is able to expand the lifting set with no modification required. It’s loop connection system decreses the total lenght of the cables necessary and limits the crossing of the cables over the rail to only two.


    A few of the characteristics of our electronic systems:

    • Event storing and recording (Work time, indication of the events occurred and failures, etc.).
    • Remote assistance: using an internet connection it is possible run to a complete check of system: electronic and electromechanical tests and checks, verifying failures, analysing work procedures.
    • Self-programmed maintenance.

    • Translator: Mechanical or hydraulic – Manual or motorized
    • Smart interface Touch Screen
    • Motorized displacment system: Threephase or battery operated.
    • Auxilliary rail displacement system: Manual or motorized.
    • Frequency inverter system
    • 4.0 Industry
    • Wired pendant remote control or Wireless safety remote control
    • Automatic lubrification system
    • Loading cell system for weighing

    • Cross beams
    • Axle stands

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