The SM four post lifts are equipped with 4 or 6 electromechanical columns.
The SM series systems are available in different models, starting from 16 Ton to 33 Ton. and depending the length of the platform, from 7m to 18m.

EMANUEL manufactures a complete range of  for the maintenance of:

Every SM four post lift can be manufactured in the low profile ramp version.
In conformity with MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE and approved according to the European EN 1493.
Possibility for implementation to 4.0 industry.

  • Columns with all new absolute ENCODER, equipped with a 12 bit processor directly connected to the lifting screw.  

    Every lifting system has the following characteristics:

    • Electromechanical lifting system through a screw-nut system
    • Possibility to control 4-6-8 columns
    • Auto-electrical leveling system of the columns
    • Start-up sequence system
    • Functioning columns visualization on LCD display
    • Possibility of controlling columns individually or in couples
    • Interconnection cables with rapid socket? and safety blocks
    • Columns with all new absolute ENCODER, equipped with a 12 bit processor directly connected to the lifting screw
    • Low tension (24V) auxiliary network

    Main features of our computerized control unit:

    • Event storing and recording (work time, indication of the events occurred and failures, etc.).
    • Self-programmed maintenance (optional)

  • EMANUEL has been always very careful at safety and supplies every system with:

    • Self-programmed maintenance (optional).
    • Mechanical descent of the load in case of electrical malfunction
    • Great stability thanks to an excellent standing surface (1,2 m)
    • Nut wear check through a visual device and caliber
    • Low tension control with emergency top button
    • Double security system of end stroke: electrical and mechanical
    • Feet protection
    • Level of electrical protection IP 55
    • Auto diagnosis of failures and warning on the LCD display
    • Obstacle sensor during decent

    • Lighting LED kit for all SM series platforms
    • Additional access ramps
    • Additional extra long access ramps
    • Air hydraulic jack to assembly on free wheel cross beam for platform lifts

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