Our mobile columns are available with different lifting capacity, starting from: 5.5 Ton, 7.5 Ton, 8.5 Ton and 10 Ton.
Compliant to the MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE and the EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE EN 1493.

Our mechanical lifting system is composed of:

  • Safe work environment:

    • Double safety system to support the load
    • Self-diagnosis and visualization of any failure on the LCD display.
    • Continuous monitoring of the load nut wear & obstacle under fork through safety sensor
    • Electronic self-alignment of the columns.

    Solid electromechanical technology:

    • High reliability of the column with minimal repair and maintenance
    • Use of high-performance materials and cutting-edge technologies, in order to guarantee high-quality standards
    • Strict testing before delivery

    Innovative software technology:

    • Energy-saving thanks to lower electric power installed compered to other equivalent equipment
    • The sequence start of the columns allows the lowest electric absorption at kick-off.

    Electronic control system features:

    • Visualization of the functioning lifting on an LCD display.
    • Event storing and recording (Work time, indication of the events occurred and failures..).
    • Self-programmed maintenance.


    Tailor-made products:
    EMANUEL’s mobile columns can be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements.
    EMANUEL uses its experience to design and implement new solutions to increase the customer’s product experience.

    Maneuverability and lightness:
    EMANUEL’s mobile columns have been designed and optimized to be easily movable.
    Thanks to the hydraulic jack system and the steel durable wheels it will be possible to transfer to columns also for long distances.

    • STANDARD The most practical and economical configuration, able to control up to 8 columns.

    • EXPANDABLE Equipped with two control units, it comes with the practicality of the Standard System while having the possibility to create two distinct lifting sets. It is able to control 4+4 columns and up to 16 columns (8+8).

    • Adjustable forks.
    • Low Profile feet.
    • Lighting or acoustic signal
    • Ascent/descent and emergency button on secondary columns
    • Metal protection for the motor reducer.
    • Outdoor kit
    • Armored and crush-proof interconnecting cables
    • Set of fork adaptors
    • Set of fork extensions
    • Wired pendant remote control.
    • Control unit on a movable trolley
    • Customizations on request

    • 7,5 and 10 Ton axle stands
    • 15 Ton free wheel cross-beam

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