The CSF is a lifting bogie platform which runs on rails. It allows the handling, removal and the assemble of railway boogies during maintenance.
Lifting capacity is: 6,8,12,14 TN.

The upper pad has a central opening which allows the operators to partially work under the lifted railway carriage.

Compliant with the UNI EN 1570-1 directive.

  • The carriages support plane is made in compliance with the different track gauge systems:
    starting from a minimum of 1000, 1435 mm and up to a maxi- mum of 1676 mm.

    Horizontal translation options of the platform:

    • Manual,with suitable push and pull handles.
    • Electric,with external three-phase supply.
    • Electric, with a battery pack installed on the lift.

    Regardless of the type of translation system, a normally closed handbrake is installed.


    Vertical lifting system options of the platform:

    • Hydraulic,with control unit and external three-phase power supply
    • Hydraulic, with control unit and battery pack power supply installed on the lifting board.

    Regardless of the type of lifting system, a manual pump is installed for activation in case of electricity lack or faulty.

    • Tracks to position the boogie wheels, provided with fixed safety blocks on each far end.
    • Wedges with recordable positions to limit the boogies movement.
    • Mechanical block of the lifted structure for inspection, maintenance and restoration activities
    • Mechanical lock, with manual activation, to allow the removal of all the electrohydraulic components in total security.
    • Load limiter able to signal the achievement of the maximum load and to lock the movements when the lifting load overcomes the limit.
    • The system is equipped with manual activation for the emergency descent in case of electric faulty
    • Electrohydraulic activation system with safety devices to avoid the accidental descent due to system faulty and pipes breakage.

    • Motorized translator of +/- 25 mm, in order to adjust the tracks for the boogies correct position
    • Roll-up for compressed air tube
    • Wireless pendant control
    • Implementation for 4.0 Industry Software

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