Giugno 10, 20219:42 am
Lifting a Complete Train Convoy - Railway Lifting Columns | Emanuel Check out what it means to lift a complete convoy and how we manage to do it by using our railway lifting jacks. Our system brings maximum flexibility while delivering an incredible lifting capacity of 360 Ton.
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Maggio 22, 20218:42 am
Head and Tailstock Welding Positioner - 12 Ton Custom Built | Emanuel Emanuel ST are ergonomic positioners are made according to the customer’s specific needs amd offer many advantages:
- Increase and improve production quality
- Increase productivity
- Increase Safety and health of the operators
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Febbraio 7, 20197:38 am
Succefully lifting two 50 Ton train wagons | Emanuel Emanuel succefully delivered a set of 8 columns of 8.5 TON capacity each. Here we show you the successful set in action in Malmö, Sweden.
Maggio 31, 20188:49 am
Headstock and Tailstock Welding Positioner | Emanuel Headstock and Tailstock Welding Positioner with fixed height.
Available in one or two-post column.
It features the movement of the Y axe while the lifting of the X axe is absent.
The ST positioners can be implemented for 4.0 industry ...