The MCL-G are hot galvanized electromechanical mobile columns perfect for washing bays and lifting heavy duty vehicles, such as buses and trucks.

Thanks to a lower electrical power installed compared to other equivalent equipment and to the columns start up sequence system a lower absorbance at the start is guaranteed.

Furthermore a high efficiency of the kinematic and of the electronic control, allows a lower usage of the network power.
In conformity with MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE and approved according to the European EN 1493.

  • EMANUEL has been always very careful at safety and supplies every system with:

    • Self-programmed maintenance (optional).
    • Mechanical descent of the load in case of electrical malfunction
    • Great stability thanks to an excellent standing surface (1,2 m)
    • Nut wear check through a visual device and caliber
    • Low tension control with emergency top button
    • Double security system of end stroke: electrical and mechanical
    • Feet protection
    • Level of electrical protection IP 55
    • Auto diagnosis of failures and warning on the LCD display
    • Obstacle sensor during decent

  • Every mobile column features an absolute ENCODER, equipped with a 12 bit processor directly connected to the lifting screw.

    Every lifting system has been designed with the following water resistant characteristics:

    • Water proof double door control unit IP67
    • Metal and rubber closures for the protection of the lifting screw and all mechanical components
    • Metal protection for the motoreducer and encoder
    • Metallic ring the protection of the self centering bearing
    • Stainless steel hydraulic lifting jack

    Every lifting system has the following characteristics:

    • Electro-mechanical lifting system through a screw-nut system
    • Possibility to control 4-6-8, up to 10 columns
    • Auto-electrical leveling system of the columns
    • Start-up sequence system
    • Functioning columns visualization on LCD display
    • Possibility of controlling columns individually or in couples
    • Interconnection cables with rapid socket and safety blocks
    • Columns with all new absolute ENCODER, equipped with a 12 bit processor directly connected to the lifting screw
    • Low tension (24V) auxiliary network

    Main features of our computerized control unit:

    • Electronic and electromechanical tests and checks, verifying failures, analyzing failures, analyzing work procedures. Webcam view is available.
    • Event storing and recording (work time, indication of the events occurred and failures, etc.).
    • Self-programmed maintenance (optional)
    • Possibility of controlling until 8 columns with possibility of expanding to 16 (with a serial connection between to control units

    • Implementation for 4.0 industry
    • Control unit on movable desk
    • Lighting or acoustic signal
    • Ascent/descent and emergency button on secondary columns
    • Special interconnection cables (armored crush-proof and cut-proof)
    • Metal cover for motor reducer
    • Remote control unite with cable
    • Wi-Fi remote control
    • Hydraulic lifting jack (included on the MCL models 75-85-100)
    • Electrical inter-connection cable with longer length of 12 meters
    • Configuration for outdoor use
    • Configuration columns with low profile feet

    • 7,5 and 10 Ton axle stands
    • 15 Ton free wheel cross-beam
    • Set of fork reduction for smaller wheels
    • Set of adjustable forks
    • Set of forks extension

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