SCM Lifting Jacks

SCM Lifting Jacks


The SCM jacks are often analyzed and personalized of specific client requirements.
Our railways lifting jacks are available in different standard models depending on the lifting capacity, starting from 5 Ton to 50 Ton.
SCM series columns can be configured from 4 to 128 columns, with fixed or movable anvil.

In conformity with MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE and approved according to the European EN 1493.

  • All Emanuel jacks are electromechanical with lifting screw-nut system.
    They feature a load-bearing nut and safety nut of the same dimension, made in nylatron or bronze material.
    All jacks come with an absolute encoder, with to a 12 bit processor directly connected to the lifting screw.

    Main features of our computerized control unit:

    • A complete check of the control unit and jacks is possible in real time anywhere in the world: electronic and electromechanical tests and checks, verifying failures, analyzing failures, analyzing work procedures. Webcam view is available.
    • Event storing and recording (work time, indication of the events occurred and failures, etc.).
    • Self-programmed maintenance (optional)
    • Possibility of control up to 8 columns with possibility of expanding to 16 (with a serial connection between to control units

    Emanuel offers three types of electronic control units:

    • Standard, can control up to 8 columns with expansion up to 16 with 2 control unit connected by a serial cable
    • Serial, can control up to 28 columns
    • Portable controller, can control up to 128 columns

    Emanuel columns are manufactured with two types of anvil:

    • Fixed
    • Movable












    • Self-programmed maintenance (optional)
    • Mechanical descent of the load in case of electrical malfunction
    • Great stability thanks to an excellent standing surface (1,2 m).
    • Nut wear check through a visual device and caliber
    • Low tension control with emergency top button
    • Double security system of end stroke: electrical and mechanical
    • Feet protection
    • Level of electrical protection IP 55

    • Moveable mounts for anvils
    • Load cell system on anvil
    • WI-FI remote control
    • Implementation for 4.0 industry software
    • Metal cover for motor reducer
    • Special interconnection cables (armored crush-proof and cut-proof)
    • Manual or motorized jacks transfer on auxiliary rails
    • Chassis translation device

    • Support cross beams
    • Axle stands

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